Tea Party Patriots


I’m specifically not on twitter because I don’t care for the platform, but in a piece written on The Wrestling Blog, Tom Holzerman notes that, presumably obviously, there was a lot of mixed reactions on twitter.  Something like Zeb Coulter’s character is certainly one that can be seen as racist and insensitive, but I think it’s one that is perfect for discussion.

First, my response to Holzerman’s piece that I wrote on his blog:

I think it was well played because he specifically didn’t mention any nationalities or races of people. If that continues, this will be a great, nuanced gimmick. If he starts saying something as obtuse as “Mexicans need to leave,” or something about “the blacks,” it could get real ugly.”

The entire promo was gripping in the lack of detail.  But let’s go even further… 

The Tea Party was a political movement in the United States that was, from it’s inception, something that almost seemed like a joke.  Their first major national action was to mimic the Boston Tea Party by throwing tea into the Boston Harbor on Tax Day, 2009, to protest first term Barak Obama’s “terrible tax policies.”  The irony (or really the better word would be stupidity) of this action being that the tax policies that they would be protesting on that particular tax year were products of the Bush administration… something these affluent, white people never seemed to have a problem with.  They only became enraged by the “runaway spending” and “high taxes” that they believed a black man with a “muslim name” was responsible for, which he was obviously not.

It only got worse.

While they were able to hide behind a strictly fiscal platform built upon “libertarianism” for a little while, the true motivations of this group became clear.  Once winning many national Senate and Congress races in the 2010 election, many of these new politicians began to seek out non-fiscal issue problems, such as women’s rights and immigration.

It was non-issues like this coming to a real life head in the form of protests in support of a woman’s fucking right to choose that made me want to leave the United States entirely, which I have since done.

They were able to make a lot of headlines, but thankfully not change too much legally.  However, the (for lack of a better phrase) fucking racist, misogynist bullshit that spewed from the Tea Party’s mouths changed the way politics work, even to this day, nearly four years later.  Politicians can spout whatever idiotic idea they have about women’s reproductive organs and it becomes national news, and they are now “entitled to their opinion.”  All thanks to the outrageous platforms the Tea Party took and stood behind without batting an eyelash.   

The reason Zeb Coulter’s character is important (and I hope his name is a play on Anne Coulter, another racist / misogynist blowhard, excuse me) is because this group is finally dying, and they deserve to be parodied in this way.  They deserve to become cartoon characters and to be stamped out of any serious memory we may have.  Any group that makes my mostly liberal/totally Democrat oriented relatives say they “miss George Bush” is clearly an evil, evil fucking group of people.  

I do hope they continue with this angle, because it’s important for people to deal with the reality of American politics today.  Pieces of shit like this were practically in charge of the United States for a little while, and are still destroying it piece by piece today. People need to be confronted with that in a relatively safe environment like the organic theater professional wrestling and the WWE provides, whether they’re “comfortable” with it or not.

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