"Cena" "Should" "Be" "a Heel"

Right, it’s been discussed to death.  And I also understand that Cena wrestles a different style when he’s in front of a hostile crowd, Brooklyn being one (and this is something that I think Cena is amazing at).  Sunday, Cena did his typical best in these situations, and made Dolph look great, and very sympathetic.  He’s great at accentuating his Terminator-like physique and making the usually smaller guy look good.  

Monday, I almost got the feeling they are experimenting with a Cena/Dolph double turn.  I still need to see Smackdown, so maybe this entire piece is rendered useless by something that happened yesterday.  However, even on Monday, Cena’s sneak attack on Dolph came off as downright heel-ish, and not the typical, “all of the good guys in WWE are dicks,” heel-ish manner.  The atmosphere of the audience being excited for a title change being interrupted by Cena changed what could have been just another instance of a good guy needlessly blindsiding a bad guy.  

Something I found interesting, and am curious to see followed up on. 

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